Standard cost of our services is 500$ and it is only payable after getting and signing a Job Offer.

For positions with basic salary over 1000$ service fee is 800$ and it is only payable after getting and signing a Job Offer.

We often have opportunities where our fees is fully or partially covered by employers, in this case our services for a candidate could be less or absent at all.
1. English language at intermediate level or above
2. Age 21 – 35 (for some positions 18 – 40)
3. Desire to work and "can do" attitude

Experience is always a plus, but not necessarily required for positions such as: waiter, hostess, guest service agent, life guard, bellboy etc.
Experience is a must for supervisory positions and positions that require a specific skills like bartender, barista, reception (booking programs) etc.

Working conditions in GCC region are the best ones comparing to other distanations of working abroad.
An employer will cover all the basic needs for relocation and life in the country, such as:
- issuing a work visa
- round trip ticket
- accommodation
- transportation to/from work
- food
- insurance
- annual leave
- trainings

In Middle East countries there is a 6 days working week and 8-9 working hours per day.
Contracts are usually signed for 2 years, and employee is provided 21 to 30 days annual leave per year.
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